Doping In Sports

Written by AlexWright
These days, athletes commonly engage into Erythropoietin (EPO) and gene doping. These banned techniques can manipulate blood, muscle, and pain perception systems to enhance ability of athletes to train harder and longer. These performance-enhancing techniques
can even deliver blood to the exercising tissues in an improved way and improve endurance and muscle function levels.

 Today, doping has become a global problem that follows amateur and professional sporting events worldwide. Success-driven athletes keen to experience results and fame in a short period of time have been using new, powerful, and undetectable doping substances and techniques for many decades, with assistance from sophisticated networks of distribution. Anti-doping officials and cheating athletes continue their game of hide-and-seek on every single day.

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A NASM Certified Personal Trainer and multi-sport athlete currently working as a group instructor/personal trainer in a private gym, San Francisco, CA.