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Written by DanielAdair

NPP-berd-pharmaceutical-500pxI am not too experienced with steroids, but I did a lot of learning before running my cycles, and now after my second cycle I would like to tell you about nandrolone phenylpropionate produced by Berd Pharmaceuticals. I really stress out in my review this brand because as far as I know, the same steroids may differ a lot depending on the producers, and the fact that Berd’s NPP is very good doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be as good if you get it from another brand.

My first cycle was just testosterone enanthate, of which I took 500 mgs every week for 12 weeks. The results were pretty good, and I liked the overall feeling, additional strength, and the additional muscle mass. However, my first gains were mostly “wet”, and for this reason on the second cycle I decided to add Berd Pharmaceutical’s Nandrolone phenylpropionate for some additional hardness. Some people recommended me to get equipoise and/or winstrol, but since I am very weary of steroid’s side effects, I wanted to get something with very mild side effects, and it had to leave my body in a matter of days if I stopped taking it. This is why I chose NPP. Also, I had some joint issues, and my coach told me that NPP can help alleviate the pain and prevent more from happening, as the joints may dry out when using winstrol. He also pointed out, that I should take precisely Berd Pharmaceutical’s NPP, because with this brand he felt like this joint relieving effects were the best, and he has tried a lot of brands before that.

So after reading a lot of good reviews on the internet, and hearing a lot of good feedback at my gym regarding Berd Pharmaceutical, I decided to give it a go in my second cycle, which would be testosterone propionate and nandrolone phenylpropionate by Berd Pharmaceutical. During my cycle I would keep a log, so that me and my coach could compare my results to other guys, and try to make the review as objective, as possible. Therefore, all the comparison’s I make are based on my logg and my coach’s comments on it.

First of all, what I noticed, was just fast did Berd’s NPP start acting compared to other brands, and this is an amazing property, because I did not need any kick-starter to the cycle. Another extremely positive thing about this NPP were the side effects, or said better – their absence. I did not experience any side effects whatsoever. More I can tell you, what I really liked about Berd’s NPP, and what my gym mates have pointed out, is that compared to other brands it was very effective in reducing the bloating and water retention caused by testosterone. I just loved this point, because I do not like to be all puffy and soft, and I prefer a harder and more defined appearance.

before and after npp

Overall, I can tell that this cycle went very well – I gained a lot of mass, and with NPP it was more of a real hard mass. What intrigued me, were the comments of the people at my gym, who checked out my log and said that these were some outstanding results, since they did the same cycle with other brands, and they did not experience all of these positive moments. Interestingly, many of them have given a try to Berd Pharmaceutical, and they really like it. It is pretty awkward to be a fashion establisher at my gym, where most people now use Berd’s products.

Now after such a positive experience with Berd Pharmaceuticals, as soon as I finish my PCT and have a little rest off the steroids, I will run a cycle of testosterone, NPP, and primobolan depot – all of them from Berd Pharmaceutical. I guess that if NPP alone was so good, and entire stack from Berd should be amazing, and the addition of primo will give me a safe and good improvement of my physique and strength at the gym. People at my gym have also said some very good things about Berd’s Equipoise, but for some reason I prefer to take the safest steroids possible, even though I am pretty sure that the side effects should not be a problem with Berd Pharmaceutical’s products.

And finally, I would like to mention the pip. Many guys out there claim that NPP gives some really bad pin, and quote it almost as it were a side effects. However, I do not agree, because I did not experience any painful pips. Yes, I have to admit that testosterone injections felt better, but NPP injections were just less smooth, but not even close to be painful.

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