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As a man ages, it is inevitable that testosterone levels will drop. Some men experience this far more than others, but father time remains undefeated and always will. Steroid use will only enhance this problem and low testosterone can be dangerous and life altering. Regardless of steroid use such as Oxandrolone (anavar) or not, it is a major problem throughout the world. The dangers and negative effects that this problem causes is often mistreated or misunderstood and eventually leads to bigger problems. There are ways to treat this problem aside from the common thought of testosterone injections. Many are fearful of using this treatment or simply do not want to be on it for the rest of their lives. There are also studies that have shown risk to be involved with this treatment and therapy. Continue to read on to learn about a far safer alternative that is extremely effective and is helping to improve the quality of life amongst it’s users.
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What is Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone is commonly referred to as “low T,” and is becoming a more common condition seen amongst men, especially as they age. As stated above, as men age, testosterone levels will naturally decline. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable occurrence in men. According to the Urology Care Foundation, roughly 20% of men in their 60’s have low testosterone. As men in their 70’s were researched, the number grew to 30% and men in their 80’s rose to 50%. The numbers do not lie and the problem is only growing.


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Dangers and Side-effects of Low Testosterone

Low-TestosteroneLow testosterone can not only have a negative mental impact but is also dangerous to overall health and well-being. There are many signs and symptoms one must be aware that are indicative of low testosterone levels. Many men will see weight increases with no explanation as to why. It is also common to feel very lethargic and have a severe lack of energy. Low levels will also increase body fat while reducing muscle mass. There can also be significant effects on your mood and generally brings on feelings of depression. Lack of concentration will start to occur as a result of low testosterone. There will also be a significant drop in sex drive and there will be difficult in maintaining an erection. Having a lack of testosterone can cause long-term side effects. These can be very serious and contain serious negative effects on the body. Bones can weaken which can lead to developing osteoporosis. This condition puts you at a high probability of injury occurrence. There is also a link between low testosterone and heart disease. There is a much higher probability of experiencing heart disease when low testosterone is present. The list is long, extensive and extremely frightening. Low testosterone is not necessarily a death sentence and can be treated to ensure health and longevity. Read below to learn how to treat this problem safely and naturally.

What is HCGenerate?

HCGenerate is a natural test booster formulated to stimulate the body’s own natural production. It is unlike many other herbal test boosters, in that it targets one of the primary causes of low testosterone levels! Specifically, it helps to target leydig cells to increase natural testosterone. HCGenerate uses fadogia agrestis as one of its main active ingredients. Fadogia agrestis is an herb that has been used in folk medicine for decades. This herb is believed by many experts to have the ability to properly stimulate the Leydig cells. As men age, the leydig cells activity decreases, putting strain on the pituitary gland. In turn, this will causes low levels of testosterone production. When the leydig cells are stimulated, the pituitary can begin to function at a normal pace and produce a higher concentration of both free testosterone and total serum levels. The aqueous extract of Fadogia agrestis stem increased the blood testosterone concentrations and this may be the mechanism responsible for its aphrodisiac effects and various masculine behaviors. It may be used to modify impaired sexual functions in animals, especially those arising from hypotestosteronemia (low testosterone). As you can see, HcGenerate provides the help you need to treat low testosterone.

How to use HCGenerate and Where to Purchase

Using HCGenerate is very simple and requires no injections as normal testosterone replacement therapy would require. Standard protocol for HCGenerate use would be to use it in TWELVE WEEK cycles. After 12 weeks of use, a standard 4 week break would be required and then you would be able to continue again in 12 week increments. Dosing of HCGenerate is 5 caps per day. The optimal dosing scheme is 3 caps in the morning and 2 caps in the evening. HCGenerate is offered EXCLUSIVELY http://needtobuildmuscle.com/store/-HCGenerate-p45.html. This product has been available for a decade and has proven to be the very best and most prevalent used in it’s category.

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Low testosterone is a very serious condition and can be life altering and threatening. Finding a remedy for this condition can be difficult and quite uncomfortable if injections are required or recommended. Having an alternative, that is not only safer but extremely effective as well can be even harder to find. We have been blessed to have the option of HCGenerate to treat this condition. Implementing HCGenerate will be a life changing treatment for men with low testosterone.

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